Aromatic Labels

How many times have had to open a product to know its aroma? When buying air-fresheners, shampoos, creams, deodorants, cleaning products, etc, the smell of the product is basic in the buying decision.  That is why IPE Industria Gráfica, S.L has developed Aromatic Labels with a special area that when scratched, gives the aroma desired.  

Smell is an excellent sales tool that can be taken advantage of by using Aromatic Labels, as they are ideal for the consumer to know the aroma of the product he/she is buying, avoiding having to open it. These labels can incorporate standard or personalised aromas so that the purchase of the product turns into a sensory experience for the consumer.

A product’s label can be used as a tool to transmit feelings through our senses; in this case smells can stimulate, provoke, seduce and attract the attention of the buyer to the product.

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