Decorative Sleeves Printing

The use of shrink sleeves is increasing every day more in the field of product decoration in all sectors, as it is one of the most modern systems of integral decoration for containers.

Sleeves adjust to the shape and size of any container; they can be applied on one side of the container, such as the shoulder, half-body or the full-body of the container.  Likewise, it is possible to combine printed and transparent areas to enhance the product’s characteristics and properties, creating infinite design possibilities, to obtain a modern image and generate a great visual impact on the store’s shelf.

A part from a large variety of supports and finishes IPE INDUSTRIA GRÁFICA, S.L.U, provides for the sleeves all the printing technology to create labels with bright colours and dazzling metal, holographic or phosphorescent effects, creating a wide range of possibilities to make attractive labels.

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