100% Recyclable Sleeve

  • 100% Recyclable Sleeve


An increasing number of packaging solutions are using biodegradable raw materials in order to meet a dual objective: firstly, to preserve food in optimal conditions, and secondly, to protect the environment.

What exactly does “100% Recyclable Sleeve” mean?

100% recyclable means that in addition to its sustainable origin, the sleeve can be fully recycled in the literal sense. It is designed so that the printed inks are removed during the washing process, thus obtaining a PET free of impurities that is in perfect conditions for recycling.

It is therefore a PET film specially designed for the recycling of PET bottles, thus helping to protecting the environment. 


  • It offers greater recycling possibilities due to being 100% recyclable, increasing the recyclability of PET bottles.
  • It contributes to increasing the productivity of recycling processes.
  • It maintains all the features and functionalities of the sleeve (perfect fit – 360º decoration – greater visual appeal).



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