30% PCR PET 45 Sleeve

  • 30% PCR PET 45 Sleeve


An increasing number of packaging solutions are obliged to fulfil a dual objective: firstly, preserve food in optimal conditions, and secondly, protect the environment.

What exactly is a 30% PCR PET 45 sleeve?

A material that contains 30% recycled PET 45 and that has practically identical properties, with no change in the final finish.

Advantages with respect to the standard PET 45 sleeve:

  • The thickness is the same (45 micron).
  • The recycled PET printing parameters are similar to those of standard PET.
  • The sleeve sealing is of the same quality.
  • The handling conditions (application and retraction of the sleeve) are very similar. In both cases they must be adapted pursuant to the retraction curve data:



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