3D Optical

  • 3D Optical


Our 3D optical labels are an innovative and eye-catching option that enhance your brand’s graphic identity through the label and/or packaging. 

The 3D effect can be integrated into any type of adhesive material for all types of surfaces. 

The sheets that form the 3D effect can be designed according to our customers’ guidelines or with our design team, in order to work together with our customers and use our technical expertise and creative ability to find the optimal 3D solution and effect.

In addition to the differential aspect, the 3D label acts as a barrier to counterfeiting since the optical effects are practically impossible to reproduce. 


  • Possibility of customising the pattern with the customer’s specific 3D optical logo.
  • Can be printed in any colour. 
  • High performance permanent adhesive.
  • Suitable for application on flat surfaces and those with high surface tension.



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