Bottle neck tag

  • Bottle neck tag


Advertise more of your product’s features, special offers, other sales ranges or any other idea with the Bottle Neck Tag. It is non-adhesive and can be printed on both sides and placed on the bottle or container using the perforation it has. Supplied in a reel.

The bottle neck tag can be printed on: 

  • Film materials and paper
  • In any form of die-cutting
  • In high quality Offset, Silkscreen and Flexo printing

Multipage Auto Collar Label

The Multipage Autocollar label is a NON-adhesive label containing an information leaflet. It is placed on the bottle taking advantage of the perforation it has and is secured on it in the form of a collar. The presentation is in a reel. 

It has a perforation system to access the information inside the leaflet. 

The label has 2 parts: 

  • Base Label: Printed only on the face side (the front side in contact with the liner, cannot be printed). The adhesive is deactivated once it is removed from the liner.
  • Leaflet: Printed, with an accordion fold that can be printed on any number of pages.



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