Eco-Sustainable Solutions

Eco-Sustainable Solutions

At IPE we are aware of the impact that our activity can have on the environment and for this reason, more than 3 years ago we launched the IPE EcoConciencia (Eco-Consciousness) program, a program that is based on a series of actions aimed at minimising our impact on the environment and raising awareness of the importance of conserving our surroundings.

Through our IPE Eco-Consciousness program, we work together with our employees, suppliers and customers to improve the way we work in order to achieve sustainable development.

For this reason, at IPE we assume the following environmental management principles:

  • Minimisation of environmental impact.
  • Use of the best available practices and technologies to anticipate, avoid and minimise environmental pollution in the different phases of IPE’s business.
  • Promotion of training and environmental awareness among workers, suppliers and customers.
  • Training of the people of our organisation in IPE’s environmental management and raising awareness among all personnel in exercising their responsibilities, observing the principles and achieving of the goals set.
  • Promotion of corporate action in the fight against climate change, reducing the CO2 footprint.
  • Environmental collaboration with public administrations and private entities.
  • Evaluation and selection of subcontractors and suppliers in keeping with these principles.
  • Promoting the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System.
  • Compliance with all applicable laws and legal provisions.

FSC ® and PEFC CERTIFICATIONS: Let's Be Responsible

At IPE, we believe that preserving and improving the environment is not only a priority, but also the best guarantee for the future.

Through our IPE Ecoconscience programme, we are working on various initiatives aimed at demonstrating our commitment to the environment. One of these initiatives has materialised with the achievement of the PEFC and FSC® certifications that allow us to verify and accredit that the raw material of our products comes from responsibly managed forests.

Both accreditations certify the authority to use and distribute the FSC® and PEFC seals on the paper products that IPE prints. This certification can be verified through a unique reference that identifies us as a manufacturer that complies with both standards.




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