Manufacturers of Aluminium-Free Eco Sachets

The Aluminium-Free Eco Sachet or single-dose sachet fully protects the product and may contain products in solid, liquid, powder, cream form or even in the form of wipes.


Sustainable Option ♻️

  • Ecological
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Aluminium-FREE
  • High sealing barrier against oxygen, moisture and light
  • Multiple formatting options
  • Packaging solution for oral, liquid, powder, gel and other product forms
  • Colours: Silver and White
  • Opaque (non-visible content) or translucent (visible content) packaging

Aluminium-free Eco Sachet: Flexibility and 360º Decoration

  • Aluminium-Free Eco SachetPaper: A high-barrier material that is 100% recyclable in a blue container. Suitable for solid products and cleaning and disinfection wipes.
  • Aluminium-Free Mono-material Eco Sachet: An alternative to existing plastic and aluminium complexes. Available in Silver and White. High-barrier seal, 100% recyclable in a yellow container.



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