• Flexography


Printing processes

Flexography is a fast, economical and quality process. UV technology makes it possible to obtain quality labels with short lead times and competitive prices.

The flexographic process is usually applied for printing self-adhesive labels on rolls, which can be printed on paper and plastics. Also, printing can be done in from 1 to 10 inks, including different types of finishes and printing technologies such as offset or screen printing.

This is a printing method in which flexible type plates are used. These plates are also commonly referred to as “plates” or “stencils”. The material used in their manufacture is usually a photopolymer or rubber.

As they are mainly made of one of these two materials, they have considerable flexibility, hence their name.

Flexography is one of the most versatile methods because the plates, due to being flexible, allow printing on different types of materials regardless of their shapes or compositions.



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