Offset printing

  • Offset printing

Printing processes

Offset printing is an indirect printing system, since the image does not pass from the plate to the physical support directly, but must first pass from the plate to a rubber and finally from the rubber to the final support. Precisely thanks to the flexibility of this material, the ink will be able to impregnate surfaces with irregular textures, offering a higher quality.

Advantages of Offset printing: 

  • The reproduction of the image on paper is very true and accurate
  • We can use offset printing on all types of paper and sizes, while other printing systems, such as digital printing, are limited to certain ranges of paper
  • Offset printing is a very economical printing system for medium and large print runs
  • It allows us to exercise an exhaustive control over the colour
  • This printing system is compatible with other techniques and special inks, such as metallic or fluorescent inks, as well as the application of varnishes
  • The quality and sharpness obtained is excellent



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