Peel Off Label

  • Peel off label


A self-adhesive, fold-out label with a double layer of material that offers 3 times more surface area compared to a conventional single layer label. 

This type of label provides solutions such as lack of space for information, illegibility of texts, descriptions in different languages or inclusion of promotional texts, etc.

Advantages and Other Uses

  • Optimisation of the labelling space: Less space on the product dedicated to the label (the same and even more information is concentrated in a single element and in the smallest area), thus making it possible to maintain the product’s attractiveness and extend its marketing possibilities (multilingual labels) .
  • Promotions: The inner side of the base label can be used as a promotional element with codes, information, etc. that the consumer will only see once the product has been used.

Options and finishes

  • Base Label: Printed on white or transparent PP. Can be printed in up to 7 different colours.
  • Top Label: Printing on white PP and in up to 5 colours. 



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