Piggyback label

  • Piggyback label


Piggyback labels are multiple labels on a label carrier. They can be printed on a single label and later, the part that is separated (in the image it can be seen partially detached) can be applied to another surface.

It is therefore an option especially indicated for food industry products that need to be identified based on different data such as the growing region, batches, freshness periods, shipping details, etc. In short, the Piggyback label is a tool that facilitates product traceability. 


  • FRONT: They are usually made of paper. They have a half-cut so that part of the label can be removed and applied to another surface.
  • ADHESIVE 1: It is usually an acrylic adhesive.
  • INTERMEDIATE LINER 1: It can be made of paper or PET. It is the liner on which the half-cut is made.
  • ADHESIVE 2: Hotmelt or acrylic, depending on the surface to which the label is applied.
  • LINER 2 BASE: It can be made of paper or PET. It is the liner on which the complete label is die cut. 



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