Promotional Coupon Label

  • Coupon Label


Coupon labels are an indispensable tool for communicating promotions, discounts, new products, additional information, etc. in an effective way, making it possible to gain more space for advertising and surprise the consumer. 

The Coupon Label is completely glued to the packaging (container or application surface). 


It has 2 layers: 

  • Base label: Printed or anonymous, this base coat is glued directly to the container. Printed on white or transparent PP. 
  • Top label (cover): Can be printed on both sides.

This top layer may be completely removable so that once separated from the base label it can no longer be reattached or repositioned, i.e. it can be opened and closed repeatedly. In both cases, the label leaves no adhesive residue. 

The Coupon Label is designed to withstand humid and cold environments in the case of refrigerated products. 

*Specially designed for flat surfaces. 



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