Scratch & Sniff Aromatic Labels

  • Scratch & Sniff Aromatic Labels


Smell is the “most emotional” sense. A scent transmits things that words cannot convey. So, incorporating a scent into a product is one of the most effective sales tools to seduce and draw the buyer’s attention to the product. 

Aromatic labels are an option for incorporating standard or customised scents to transform the labelling into a sensory experience for the consumer. In other cases, they make it easier for the consumer to know the aroma of the product they are buying without having to open it.

 Scratch & Sniff labels are aromatic labels with a special area that releases the desired scent when scratched. Up to 3 different scents can be applied to the same label. 

* Scratching the label will release the perfume.

This type of label is ideal for products where the scent is a decisive factor in the purchase decision, as well as for use in promotions and special campaigns.



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