Optical Pigments

  • Optical pigments


The main characteristic of label printing with optical pigments is their ability to reflect light, creating impressive flashes that enhance the colour and highlight the label. 

  • Iridescent inks: fluctuates in brightness and colour depending on the angle of illumination and observation. In this respect, iridescent inks differ from ordinary printing inks, in which the brightness and colour are practically independent of the angle of illumination and observation.
  • Fluorescent Inks: inks with a high pigment content. Most of them contain zinc sulphide and act as metal complexes. They behave like small batteries charged by any light: natural, artificial, ultraviolet, etc. So the colours are stronger and brighter than conventional ones, guaranteeing a greater impact on consumers.
  • Pearlescent inks:They are mica-based pigments, which produce pearl glitter and/or a wide range of colour and effect plays, thanks to their high refractive index.

Optical pigments

  • They changes the appearance according to the light reflection.
  • They help to enhance label details.
  • Their power brings colours to life.
  • They create a metallic look. 
  • They generate texture and depth effect.
  • They can be combined with other printing techniques. 



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