Stain-proof - Grease Proof Labels

  • Stain-proof labels


Olive oil is a special product in many senses, and so an image that enhances the qualities of the product is key to its marketing.

One of the concerns of olive oil producers is that given the characteristics of the oil, the label may become stained.

To solve this problem, IPE has a range of high quality self-adhesive labels made of paper that is specially designed to prevent the problem of oil stains.

The material we use to make these labels (uncoated and porous paper) has a barrier that repels oil and grease stains, preventing the degeneration of the label due to the aggressiveness of the oil itself.

In this way, the label remains intact, ensuring the image of the high-end product such as olive oil.


Examples of tests performed

  • After 5 minutes
  • 45 minutes later
  • 24 hours later



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