• Volugraf

Special finishes

A new range of finishes that combines volume with a metallised or holographic effect

Volugraf is a special technique that provides a volume effect on all or part of the label. The application of this technique makes it possible to enhance certain elements of the label by creating a sense of volume.

The metallised element achieves a brilliant and outstanding result.

Sensations and Emotions in labels

This technique makes it possible to create an aesthetic sensation appropriate for products that are intended to transmit an image of prestige through a coherent, aesthetic, elegant and differentiated whole that is capable of creating emotions.

IPE has a wide range of options to make your product stand out at the point of sale. For this purpose, we have developed this effect that conveys a unique sense of quality and craftsmanship.

Metallised Volugraf can be applied to film, and it is now possible to apply the relief effect to PE, PP, PET and other materials.

Applications, Advantages and Features

  • A combination of relief with a metallic colour or holographic effect
  • Has a handcrafted, handmade product feel
  • High relief effect
  • The relief remains intact from print to bottle
  • The relief is achieved without marking the backing paper, thus eliminating labelling problems
  • Can be applied to both paper and film
  • Multiple colours and effects: gold, silver, black, red, copper, green, glitter, matte, holographic, etc
  • Perfect registration between the two effects
  • Can be combined with many other effects



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