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QR Codes on product labels

QR Codes on product labels

In its strive to offer not just a product but also a wide range of services, IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L has developed a new QR label codes assessment and printing service. The QR codes are bar codes that can be scanned by intelligent mobile telephones that allow for direct communication with clients as the code can be linked to the webpage, videos, download areas, etc.

These codes are very useful for advertisers, editors and brands as they connect the physical world with the interactive world, directing the user straight to a mobile Internet site. This is an efficient method to add interactivity to any printing means and especially for product labels, as the possibilities are endless!

A bottle of wine whose  QR code gives information about the cellar, year, wine tasting etc, a food product that aims at giving more information about nutritional properties, recipes or other product properties. Carry out promotions, competitions, the applications for these codes are never-ending and, with just one click, they take us to a website for mobiles. This saves time and avoids the frustration of writing complicated addresses on the navigator or dialling a 900 number.

In a world dominated by mobiles, QR code could be one of the most practical ways to transmit information and that’s why IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L invites you to take advantage of all the benefits that QR codes offer your product labels.

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