Labels with Stamping + High Embossing

Labels with Stamping + High Embossing

When designing a label or packaging it is fundamental to use innovative materials and techniques that generate a visual impact . That is why IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L has developed a special embossing that combines Stamping + High Embossing, to create a metallic effect with striking volume on the labels.

With the labels with Stamping + High Embossing, spectacular metallic effects are achieved with textures and sensations for touch and sight due to the large volume that the high relief creates in the stamping. It can be applied to letters or shapes to generate a visual impact or as an attention seeking point on the label.

Other options that IPE Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes, S.L offers to create volume and highlight certain areas of the label is the Volugraf, which generates a sensation of volume with the ink colour, whilst the  Stamping + High Embossing creates different metallic tones depending on the height of the print.

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