Labels with Thermochromic Inks

Labels with Thermochromic Inks

IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES, S.L, offers a wide range of possibilities regarding the use and combinations of different special inks and technologies on the same label. Thermochromic inks can be found amongst the inks with most demand, which indicate variations in product temperature by changing colour.

Thermochromic inks are used a lot for drinks labels and especially for wine bottles, as they interact with the client by indicating the best moment to consume the product.

An example of the application of thermochromic inks on labels was developed by IPE INNOVACIONES PARA ETIQUETAJES; S.L for the VOLTEO brand of wines in which invisible thermochromic ink was used. When the temperature reached between17 and 18ºC the label reactivates by completely lighting up to tell the consumer about the perfect point for consumption. If this temperature is surpassed, the label progressively fades out.

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