Sachet or single-dose sachet


Sachet or single-dose sachet

Sachets or single-dose sachets fully protect the product and may contain products in solid, liquid, powder and cream form or even in the form of wipes.

Sustainable Option ♻️

  • 100% recyclable
  • Aluminium-FREE
  • Excellent level of watertightness
  • Options: Film and Paper
  • Various packaging options: opaque(content not visible) or translucent (content visible)

Flexibility and Decoration

In both uses (packaging or promotional), single-dose sachets or sachets offer a wide variety of options: 

  • They can be printed on different types of materials (paper, film, aluminium foil, non-foil paper, etc.) of different weights
  • They may contain solid, semi-liquid or liquid products
  • Different finishing options.
  • Sealing
  • Individual packages or packs

Sachet or single-dose sachet

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