Sleeve Manufacturers

360º sleeves bring greater visibility to the product on the shelf, increasing the space to improve the visual appeal of your product.


Sustainable Option ♻️

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Allows the elimination of inks from the sleeve
  • Especially suitable for PET containers
  • Increases PET recycling productivity
  • Ultra-transparent PET film, which contains 30% recycled PET (PCR)

Advantages of the Sleeve

  • Greater visual appeal
  • Contributes to increasing the productivity of recycling processes
  • Maintains all features and functionalities
  • Perfect fit
  • 360º decoration
  • Greater visual appeal
  • Increased design possibilities

Special Finishes

We have advanced systems for applying special finishes to printed labels. This allows us to obtain a sleeve or shrink sleeve with high added value, which can provide specific advantages and differentiate the products at the point of sale, thus generating important added value.

The available finishes include the following: Matte, metallised, transparent, holographic, tactile (Braille), perforated for recycling, ultra-transparent sleeve, sun protection sleeve, etc.




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