Special Finishing

Special Finishing


With Micro Stamping, elegant and delicate designs are obtained on a layer of metallic colour. Leaves, drops, stars, branches or waves are just some of the shapes that can be created. 

Stamping + High Relief labels create a spectacular effect of textures and sensations to touch and sight, due to the high volume of high relief in the stamping. This technique can be applied to letters or shapes to generate a greater visual impact or focal point on the label. 

3D Relief

The 3D relief technique consists of highlighting, by means of pressure, certain details of the labels, whether they are texts, images, coats of arms, decorative motifs, etc.

The 3D labels are subjected to a sealing process using high-frequency techniques, highlighting the brand through high and low relief processes. The combination of this technique and silk-screen printing allows for surprising and very striking finishes that give it a distinctive touch.


Braille labels make it easier for the visually impaired to purchase and consume products. Thanks to them, it is possible to distinguish which products we are buying among packages that are similar to each other, but may be very different products. Likewise, Braille labels allow blind people to be able to perform daily activities independently, avoiding confusion between products that could pose a risk to them.

Currently, the competent authorities consider Braille as a system that could be mandatory to facilitate the identification of these products, helping visually impaired people and resulting in improved quality of life and safety. IPE INDUSTRIA GRÁFICA can print Braille on all its range of labels, including paper, plastic, booklets or even sleeves.

Tactile Effects

The sense we rely on most is touch, even more than sight because reality is not seen, it is touched.

That is why we have created a wide range of options. Techniques and materials that will allow you to communicate through the sense of touch and add a tactile effect to your Labels or Sleeves.

This type of paper adds higher quality and elegance to the product and you can choose from a wide variety according to the desired objective.

We offer you a line of tactile effects such as: 

  • Textured effect
  • Skin effect
  • Rubber effect
  • Wood effect
  • Silk effect
  • Rubber effect
  • and countless other possibilities


Volugraf is a special technique that provides a volume effect on all or part of the label.

Applications, advantages and features:

  • A combination of relief with a metallic colour or holographic effect
  • Has a handcrafted, handmade product feel
  • High relief effect
  • The relief remains intact from print to bottle
  • The relief is achieved without marking the backing paper, thus eliminating labelling problems
  • Can be applied to both paper and film
  • Multiple colours and effects: gold, silver, black, red, copper, green, glitter, matte, holographic, etc
  • Perfect registration between the two effects
  • Can be combined with many other effects



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